The natural sciences STEM of note in America

According to research by the Brookings Institution, much work STEM disciplines are quality manpower shortage, so students are many American employers hunt.

STEM disciplines with paid internship program lasts 3 years is attracting international students around the world. However, students who want to learn this profession can be confusing because not know know which majors in STEM. Below is a list of the most valuable STEM disciplines in 2015 by General

Information technology

It is not only large but also influence is reaching the highest score in the table of statistics the opportunity to work in the United States. IT scores high on both indexes appropriate fees and income.

Overview of this course, students have the opportunity to work in the field of high technology requirements such as information security, network design and anti hack data.

Students in STEM disciplines are many American employers hunt. 

Network of computer and communication systems

This is the industry ranked 3 in the most promising careers in America. Furthermore, this sector does not require employees to have a degree to practice intensive too. In the US, work in computer network support specialists have a median income of $ 66,140 (2014) require only the certificates and do not require experience.

This course provides extensive knowledge about IT from the installation and operation of the system to the construction, maintenance, wireless intercom systems.

Computer programming

This industry was rated 3 based on prospects of earnings. As the world becomes more dependent on digital equipment and computer software, computer programming industry has the ability to find a job after graduation. This industry is expected to grow more than 8 percent in 2022.

According to this study, students will understand the operation, development, project management software and programming languages. These skills can help create more applications, industrial software, operating system and web site.

Computer and information system security

In a number of industries related to data privacy, hacking, information theft and ensure the interests of consumers, this is the standing in the fourth. The Mission of this profession is to establish, monitor and update these important systems for companies, shops and websites. Technologists will perform these security features and responding to intrusions of hackers. Graduate students can be recruited by big corporations to prevent many service hack worth billions of dollars and prevent violations from happening.

According to this study, students need to understand how to operate a computer and network functions. Therefore, the training can cover many subjects such as network, hack and digital system architecture.

Computer and information science

The index of the number of training courses and the level of affordability of computer science have raised the point, this industry's position confirmed in STEM disciplines list.

Study of computer and information science requires students to have more practical experience and skills such as: programming languages, network technology and hardware management.

Applications-agriculture management is one of the STEM disciplines-many students.

In addition to the industry that specializes in computers and technology as above, students interested in STEM can study a number of disciplines such as: information resources design and multimedia communication; engineer; computer engineer; information management/management data warehouse and database; biological and physical sciences; computer system analysis;construction engineering; computer support; survey; application/agriculture management;biotechnology research; mechanical engineer; Mathematics; chemical technology; environmental engineering technology; management science; school news; Petroleum Engineers; Geological Sciences; Physics ...