3 REASONS HTMi Swiss school

Paid internship during school, modern infrastructure, abundant extracurricular activities are the reason help HTMi became the basis of many overseas students training options.

With a prime position in Central Europe and by nature clean, no pollution, Switzerland is the familiar attractions of the nobles and the Royal family. Today, Switzerland is the destination of the wealthy tourists across the world. 

The cradle of tourism hotels, Switzerland launched a training model to be emulated worldwide. With the motto "When to go, when the student management", this beautiful country is the top choice for those who want to study to become a manager of tourist hotels. HTMi Academy of Switzerland is one of the famous school of hotel tourism training. Here are the reasons help HTMi Academy attracted the interest of international students all over the world.

Paid internship

Paid internship is one of the unique points in the training model of HTMi, help this unit became the training addresses tourism hotels of reputation in the world. In HTMi, students are guaranteed paid internship to 2,172 CHF/month for students throughout the learning process.

Modern infrastructure

HTMi located in Soerenberg in Lucerne, one of the most beautiful resorts in Switzerland. Studying in the school, students will be staying and learning at the resort equipped according to high quality standards. The school also has a private system of hotels and resort named Swiss Hotel & Resort Touches, standard 5 stars to students from all over the world have the opportunity to study and practice on the management of the hotel in the style of the famous Switzerland.

HTMi field panoramic view.

In addition to the main campus, HTMi also have a secondary campus, including many modern rooms with student-run bar to have the opportunity to practice in the learning process. Next to the school, many shops, restaurants and a large supermarket ... help students more in practice.

Fresh air with natural water source standard of pure mineral water good for health help HTMi became the ideal learning environment. In addition, HTMi ensures student learning conditions by the installation of the entire system of computer devices and the Apple technology. Each admission students are awarded the iPad mini to cater for learning.

Rich extracurricular activities

HTMi is one of the few training facilities are equipped with swimming pools for students. In HTMi, students will be encouraged to develop the activities of the gifted and the sport.

In addition, the school also facilitates the student to be exposed and rubbing in the learning process at school. Every year, the school organizes many events for students taking as the boys competition, female students, innovative projects, organizing events or participate in the World Cup, Olympics Dubai, contest cooking ... most recent HTMi students also participated in the Olympic organization in the UK.

One year twice, HTMi seminar in international recruitment, invited representatives of prestigious hotels around the world to introduce direct recruitment and interview the students of HTMi.

Green Bridge BB representatives visit and work at the Academy HTMi.

HTMi have the training program on management of tourism hotels in many different degrees: colleges, senior colleges, undergraduate, pre-masters, master.