3 financial issues to note when study

To the realization of the dream study, students need thoughtful job profile, visa and financial preparation.

Cultural differences, the standard of living will make the student in trouble if not know balance and consistent financial planning.

Financial proof

This is one of the required procedures when applying for study and there are different levels for each fee, location. To be safe, the family should have a higher financial level is required. This manifests itself on the tax or additional passive income sources such as soil, enough to provide rental car fees for learning, living abroad.

To note further, the financial proof will have to check, verify specific. So, if the statements aren't true, student application will be disqualified. Depending on the policies of individual countries, Australia or New Zealand Canadam own check very carefully by call or come directly.

Financial proof is the first procedure for studying success. Photo: Debt. 

Find support resources

Vietnam is a developing country, so the income level is somewhat lower than the student countries choose to study. So the search for the source of financial support will help the study period abroad.

The scholarship hunt is familiar remedies but not easy. To succeed, you need to have an impressive resume, academic achievement from quite over, reaching the level of English IELTS 7.0-8.0, TOEFL iBT Word from 110, SAT on a 2000 ... Besides, an essay stating that high I, progress and new personal achievement to convince Admissions Council.

In addition to the scholarship Hunt, each student needs to have a specific spending plans. Need to find out the price of many goods, services to budget options. The form stay, transportation and other incidental charges are also the priority need to learn.

Do more is helping cultural exchange and gain more experience, which live for students. However, the need to learn technical skills to avoid breaking the law, make more absurd now ... because the penalty will be closed and forced on the country.

The scholarship hunt will relieve pressure on student finance. 

Create your account, transfer money

Currently the big banks in Vietnam have deployed many packages support open account payments, savings, and credit card study. Students can choose a convenient and comprehensive package of international money transfer as at the BANK.

Service to help buy the maximum foreign currency according to the needs with a diverse exchange of 125 countries, meet many different purposes. Beside that, the users enjoy fee and reasonable rates, quick time comes the simple paperwork, procedures in the network across the country. Thanks to this easy family, international money, buy foreign currency ... for international students.