5 reasons New Zealand attractive for international students

With advanced education and more job opportunities, New Zealand is a study in appealing to the young.

New Zealand is the first country in the building of the Ministry of health care regulation and protect international students.

The world's top 50 universities

In the ranking of "The best University in the world study" of QS this year, all 8 of the New Zealand schools are ranked in the top 50 position with 21 to lead the majors. Qualifications are internationally recognised to help students reach out international work environment. Meanwhile, qualified instructors are ranked top 4 in the world with the new update of global education.

Education in New Zealand has a modern infrastructure, professional instructors. 

Increased career opportunities

In New Zealand, in 2015 the rate increases 3.4%-the highest since 2005 and will continue to increase. This figure meets the desire to work in an international environment of many students. In addition, students are also allowed to do more in time. After school will be able to get a visa within one year to seek employment.

The student is always confident when seeking employment. 

The diverse programs, the fact

Instead of requiring academic knowledge, theory and research, the learning environment of New Zealand closely to reality. Training students ability to analyze problem solving and creative thinking.Diverse learning environment, training from bachelor to postgraduate colleges, research institutes or specialized courses.

In addition to these popular courses such as engineering, business, medicine, health care, investment, students may choose to pursue the arts, culture, social class, the realistic short course will suit you want to improve in a short time.

New Zealand has a diverse field of study and suitable for all students. 

Do not need visa for 5 years

Visa Pathway allows international students attending 3 consecutive locks in New Zealand for five years without renewal of the visa (visa) study. This means you can learn English and Graduate University row. This visa allows students to work 20 hours per week. This is the opportunity to help you experience the reality outside of the classroom to the work environment in the future.

New Zealand was also the first country to build the health care regulation and protect international students. Which stated standards of universities here must apply when there are international students.

Visa Pathway allows international students attending 3 consecutive locks in New Zealand in 5 years

Healthy living environment, safety

New Zealand was rated the safest country in the world (according to the Global Peace Index) among 162 countries teaching in English. The country is also attracting young people with beautiful scenery, towering steppe, the cattle farm, Green Coast, snow-capped mountain ranges. To navigate, easy to fly directly from HCMC to Auckland.

The majestic scenery of kiwi is also the attraction of international students.