The advantage to attract students of New South Wales, Australia

The State of New South Wales, Australia is famous not only by the ancient architecture or the modern buildings but also thanks to advanced education, attract more international students.

Recently, in the ranking of the Mercer group, cities in the State of New South Wales (NSW) as Sydney, Canberra ... were the list of places with the best quality of life worldwide. Here are 4 reasons why NSW became famous for Australia.

The world's leading education

New South Wales is a State in South-East coast of Australia. Here, the education system has always been focused to develop alongside the economy. So, the training programs are designed based on the actual needs of society and the State's strong suit.

The city of Sydney and the State of NSW has many renowned universities. In it, the 11 universities represent high quality education: the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, the University of Newcastle, University of Techonology Sydney, Western Sydney University, the University of Wollongong University, Southern Cross University, Australian Catholic University, University of New England and Charles Sturt University.

Means are certified around the world, the students after graduation are always welcomed by the hunting professional recruiters and most attractive, create favorable conditions for young people initially make the dream of his future work.

Moreover, the settlement also extends to those who seize the opportunity to know and study hard, especially the branches located in the list SOL (Skill Occupation List-the list includes those preferentially settled, for those applicants applying under an independent skilled family, guarantee or by visa 485).

Graduated with a degree in international standard will help students more opportunities to get your dream job.

Favorable living environment

Not only famous for the development of education, the city of Sydney and the State of NSW is also home to the world's most worth living thanks to the fresh environment, low crime rate and outdoor activities. Students can experience the exciting life in the State of NSW during student time by choosing to live in the dorms of the school. More comfortable, students can live and living in the same host family (homestay), or rent or share with your friends to life in the most natural way.

In the dynamic life as the State of NSW and in particular around Sydney, students will have the opportunity to do more diversity in many areas: restaurant-hotel; the coffee; play area; shopping ... even as interesting strawberry picking jobs with attractive salaries.

Culture, diverse cuisine

Opera Sydney-one of the famous places of the State of NSW. 

The State of NSW owns the famous tourist spots in the world that any faithful travel would also like to set foot at the Sydney city sightseeing: prosperity with the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge or sunbathing, surfing at Bondi Beach, Manly. International students can also explore the ancient and peaceful city of Canberra-Australian capital; or wandering in The Hunter River-where the production of excellent wines at Newcastle. In Newtown, you will immerse into the space created by the street artist, or dropping in the open-air performances in the city of Wollongong.

Especially in the Cabramatta-a miniature version of Saigon Oldtimer, visitors will enjoy the familiar Vietnamese specialities like Pho, bun Bo hue, wheels, gear ...

4 interesting season climate

The State of NSW has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Forecast of NSW are not too harsh weather in the summer. Meanwhile, the winter nor too cold thanks to the warm sunny day.Thus, the people of Sydney and NSW would love to participate in outdoor activities.

Don't just stop at 4 points, especially on the city of Sydney and the State of NSW also has many interesting points and impressed the other that just when to live and study here, students may feel one way. Choose the city of Sydney and the State of NSW to learning, cultural exchange and accumulation of life experiences will be the choice.