Studying STEM disciplines in America for the love of natural science students

STEM is the acronym of 4 Science (Science), technology (Technology), engineering (Engineering) and math (Mathematics). This is a popular field of study group in the United States, England, Germany ...

Instead of teaching the 4 separate and discrete subjects, STEM combined them into a cohesive learning model based on the actual application.

The academic content of the STEM disciplines

STEM is a fun program, highly practical. If good natural science subjects, students should choose this profession to study, the STEM will help students develop their strengths in mathematics, science, technology, the use of knowledge in many areas of society,

STEM is the study for the lovers of natural science.

Election petition, when studying a subject science of the solar system, students do not study merely viewed the solar system consists of the ingredients, characteristics of them backed out but also to the invention of the telescope (biotechnology), learn about the bracket for telescopes (engineering) , or learn how to calculate the ratio of the distance between the stars, the radii of stars (mathematics).

STEM disciplines in the U.S.

For the majority of students of Vietnam, when the Group heard to STEM disciplines will certainly feel strange and thought this is the hard-earned jobs after school. However, the STEM has appeared long ago in America and never run out of power. Many students are studying this industry also Vietnam in flag of the United States. The explosion of science and technology has lead to the development needs of technical sciences block.

Forecasting the U.S. will need up to 10 million workers in this industry by 2025.

American companies today have the demand of recruiting graduates from group STEM disciplines due to the lack of a large resources understanding of the science, technology and engineering. The Ministry of labor and employment firm in the United States had expected from 2012 to 2025, the manpower needs in this sector will block up to 10 million workers.

The US Government has made many policy and attractive campaign for STEM to attract domestic and international students to the U.S. to study, raise the level of scientific knowledge, promoting the economy of the United States of America.

Studying STEM open up huge job opportunities in America.

Students study group STEM disciplines will be involved in employment after graduation or the actual training program options (OPT), at the same time be extended to work after graduation, can stay in America working to 36 months while the other disciplines are just 12-24 months.