The advantages of studying at Community College of America

Easy transfer to universities, save cost, diverse disciplines are the advantages when students at community colleges.

In order to provide useful information about the academic programs at American community colleges, study Kingdom company IEC incorporates the same Contra Costa school seminar in counseling.

Founded in 1949, Contra Costa College (CCC) is located in the city of San Pablo, California (USA).This is a public College in the San Francisco Bay area.

Contra Costa College offers a comprehensive transition program for students who want to obtain a degree, including transfer programs on the system of the University of California (UC). Especially the renowned University in the world as UC Berkely, UC Davis, Stanford University, University of San Francisco ... and a number of universities in California's public University System (CSU) in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Bernadino ...

Diversity training school, with more than 100 fields of study include university transfer programs, College and vocational certificates.

Contra Costa College trained approximately 8,000 students per intake.

The advantages of studying at Contra Costa College

Central location: located in the famous historic city of San Francisco, one of the most popular tourist destination in the State of California and the United States of America.

Moderate learning cost: low cost, Contra Costa College is not only a good direction to take with the American University but also the optimum cost savings.

Small classes: Contra Costa College offers small classes help students have more time to reach faculty. Students easily connect you with others.

Students are trained to have knowledge computer applications high practices and apply advanced techniques in the curriculum.

International student support: support Office for international students of the school to help students easily transfer, registration, visa support, accommodation, medical insurance, employment and other needs. The school also offers a variety of services to help you succeed as: orientation, counseling, support, career advice ...

University transfer: the school has a high transfer rate into the system of public universities like UC Berkeley, but also the prestigious University in the US. Contra Costa College has links with UC to guarantee the transition if you meet the conditions early on and maintain good academic points.

Good environment, friendly Faculty: The faculty and staff will provide the best support and always ready to help you during your time at the school.

Extracurricular activities: Contra Costa College has numerous clubs, sports, recreational activities, volunteer organizations and many other extracurricular activities. You will have many opportunities to meet and socialize with friends.

The training program of Contra Costa College

English program (4 levels)

University transfer program

Vocational training program

The popular fields of study: business administration, computer science, information technology, engineering, Math, Physics, Chemistry, biology, biotechnology, theology, geography, history, journalism, nursing, English, French, architecture, music, art, physical education ...