How to pass the interview on Cambridge University

October is the deadline to apply to Oxford, Cambridge (uk). The interview process is then still mysterious, disturbing for those who are invited.
The Director of admissions at Cambridge University, Sam Lucy, shares on The Guardian on October 6, about the interview process, the pitfalls that participants may encounter, even should wear that day.

"Students often think outrageous about this interview and try interpreted the criteria we're looking for. Essentially, we are looking for enthusiastic people, expressed their determination, has the proper perspective, prepare the previous knowledge if necessary, "she said.

However, according to Lucy also tried to anticipate questions, answered smoothly. When starting to discover this was from the first rehearsals, interview people tend to gently end that topic and move on to a different topic that participants have not prepared ahead. By the things that you try to accomplish in an interview is to understand how someone approach the problem, the way they think through the potential solution or a series of new ideas. Signs an answer was exercise is Tong monotone, and this will not help you score in the eyes of employers.

The outfit for the interview suit December weather in the United States. Photo: The Guardian

Director of recruiting at the University's reputation that the best thing a candidate can do is mental preparation. The anxiety of influence to the quality of the interview. "My advice is that you keep pretending like I was a student, willing to chat with examiners, fun discussion about anything.Instead of thinking this is a stress interview, see it as the study session in the school ", that is the way Lucy to see confidence in the candidate.

About the dress needs to prepare in the interview, Lucy said, that is the outfit. You will have to wait in a cold corridor, then go into a room too hot to interview. Please wear multiple layers, you can take less map is an easy way to balance the temperature. If you are comfortable making seat belts and purses, that's good, but if you are comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts, all right. She said that judges often do not remember the dress of the participants, their work is recording strong point from what the candidates say.