The opportunity to study the culinary industry and manage hotels in France

Students are guided directly by the chef, practices in the 5 star hotel and can choose the curriculum, in English or French.

Paris (France) is considered the capital of convergence culture, trends in art, fashion and cuisine with over 100 restaurants get Michelin stars.

Paris is also the destination of tourists with more than 85 million international visitors annually.Therefore, graduates of culinary, restaurant management, hotel in Paris will have many opportunities to practice in the world of this smokeless industry daily and future career development.

The reasons to choose to study at Le Cordon Bleu (Paris)

Le Cordon Bleu, founded in 1895, with over 100 years of history teaching and the operators, the school has expanded the system worldwide in the field of gastronomy and hotel management with 35 schools put in 20 countries. More than 20,000 students from over 100 countries have graduated.Thus, students learn here will have a multinational, experience culture.

Observational learning method-practice-learning, high school practice, students always have the guidance of the chef. Le Cordon Bleu has many diverse courses from certificate to degree training. In Paris, the school opened the Bachelor of applied business administration sector in the food industry or hotel management, teaching in English.

The Bachelor, in addition to College longer certificate courses about food or baking in year 2.

Students can choose courses in Paris, taught in French or English.

One point of the Seine River, it is located near the Eiffel Tower, the basis of modern hard and high application.

Alumni system by Le Cordon Bleu of Paris have connected and support students tight will get many incentives throughout the course of study at the school. Vietnam students joined Schegen Visas with Le Cordon Bleu also had the opportunity to travel, work in 28 European countries.