Singapore student with tuition increase from January, 2017

Singapore tuition unchanged but with permanent resident will pay more than 20-60 SGD/month;international students increase 20-150 SGD/month.

On October 11, the Singapore Ministry of Education informed about increasing fees to international students in the public school system, applicable from January 1, 2017.

Specifically, the primary school tuition will rise from 550 up 600 SGD/month for international students in General; However just from 370 up 390 SGD/month for international students coming from ASEAN.

In high school, tuition will increase from 800 up 950 SGD/month for international students; and from 550 up 600 SGD/month for ASEAN students.

At the University level (level 3), the fees will increase from 1,150 up 1,300 SGD/month for international students; and from 800 SGD/SGD 860 up, for ASEAN students.

Also under the new fee schedule, the fees applicable to your child's permanent residency also adjusted increase of 20-60 SGD/month. Singapore citizenship child own tuition levels remain unchanged: free in primary, only plays the "symbolic" level is 5 SGD/month (secondary school) and 6 SGD/month (University preparation).