Practice and job opportunities after graduation in Canada

Students participate in practice a minimum of one semester and a maximum of a year, most employment within 6 months after graduation.

Canada are adopting the policy of educational development and settled as synchronize: student visa allows to do more, working 3 years license for international students after graduation, when formal employment. These policies are attracting no less Vietnam students studying in that country.

The school of Canada increasingly focus on developing programs associated with practices, enabling students to approach and experience with the economy, industry, the service now while still on campus. In particular, with the co-op program, students will be paid internship.

Simon Fraser has the architecture and modern infrastructure.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is one of the pioneering schools in the co-op program in the majority of the training fields. Students participate in a minimum of one semester and a maximum of one year. Most students join the co-op have jobs within 6 months after graduation, in which many of the cases were contracted after completing co-op.

The school continually top the top universities in Canada according to the reviews on "Guide to Canadian University", published by the Maclean's magazine. SFU is a modern University with high-quality curriculum, facilities good. There are more than 25,000 students are enrolled in 3 branches in Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey in the province of Bristish Columbia.

SFU offers more than 100 subjects in 8 main faculties, students can combine subjects and disciplines to have knowledge and diverse qualifications.

The school sets out strict input standards with required grade point average and high level of English proficiency for international students. Therefore, students can transfer through the programs of the FIC (Fraser International College) at the University of SFU. FIC on training first year university program (for students graduating from high school), University preparation (for students out of class 11) and pre-masters in business (MBA) and master of Engineering Foundation (Engineering).

More than 25,000 students studying at SFU.

Worldlink Education and representatives of Simon Fraser University (FIC Institute), will have introduced information about academic programs, scholarships, internships and career in Canada to the applicant.

The program takes place at 17 h 30 (Mon), 17/10, at WorldLink Education Office. Students bring their study results and certificates (if any) to be direct admission and scholarship interview.