3 steps to prepare for the journey to study Australia

Select the field, field of study and understand the requirements of the school or the VISA is important things students need to make the best preparation for study to Australia.

Australia is one of the countries with advanced education, and many students choose to study Vietnam. The best preparation for your journey to study in this country, the student should note the following steps.

Select the fields and disciplines

The choice of school, the study is often considered based on many different factors such as: hobbies, strengths of recruitment trends, myself, the majors are preferred, friends, family-oriented, budget, scholarship, and the school's ranking position.

To choose appropriate disciplines and fields, students can come to the assistance of the Centre for student enrolment advisers such as IDP. To ensure objectivity in the selection field, the Counsellor will take out about three options with the objective of most students. They will then analyze the strengths of each school to help students make the decision final.

Understanding the admissions process will help students complete the procedure quickly.

After you have selected the appropriate disciplines and University, students need to pay attention to the admission requirements of the University. Majority of the University's review of records based on education, English proficiency and financial ability of the learner to ensure students can focus on learning the whole time in Australia. In Australia, students can do more not more than 40 hours per two week and full time during the holiday to cover the additional costs. However, income from more jobs will not be considered to be the main source of income.

In addition to consulting the select field, choose the sectors, IDP also advise on conditions of living and studying in Australia, accommodation, more jobs and guardianship programs for students under the age of 18.

"The way the IDP's instructions about procedures very professionally. I IDP guide proof of income, proof of these things yourself can be become the guardians that consulates accept ", he Meant Dung Bowl, the Bowl Coalition Force students parents school-Castle Hill, NSW, Australia said.

Understand the requirements of the school

Each discipline and each school will have entry requirements, fees and admission time resumes.Some schools have time to review the records for longer due to the number of records or admission process is not the same. Staff will evaluate your profile based on the selection criteria of the school as well as the time students want to start learning to give advice and appropriate preparation route to reach the goal, the plan proposes.

Students, students preparing to study records need to have an IELTS certificate.

The majority of school will ask the candidate to provide the IELTS International English certificate (except in high school) so the students, students need IELTS preparation in advance. The students can learn more English before entering the main course if unsatisfactory IELTS, IELTS 0.5 each missing would be equivalent to a 10-week learning English. The IDP is owned and hosted the official IELTS exam. In the event the student does not yet have an IELTS certificate, staff will guide you to register for IELTS directly at the Office.

Besides, the IDP also coordinated many scholarship programs have great value of 600 schools across Australia. The Counsellor will proactively introduce and apply for scholarships for the potential profile.

In addition, students can sign up to join the program welcomes students studying in Australia of the IDP the IDP Office worldwide in the Australian State of charge.


This is an important step that all participants need special attention when making the decision to study abroad. 

From 1 July, the policy review of student visa Australia New SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) is officially applied to the new change of financial proof requirements. In addition to the fields in the level 1, students enrolled in the rest of the school will need to provide proof of financing and sources of income when applying for visa. 

Level 1 visa SSVF program priority of financial proof, the English requirements, time review ... but that doesn't mean the students apply for the schools in level 2 or 3 will at least have the chance to study more. With 45 years of experience consulting for 420,000 admissions international students, IDP helps international students choose the school fits your budget, interests and expertise based on specific goals that the participants want to navigate to.