The opportunity to study in five countries with the most developed education world

Young people need to equip themselves with knowledge and skills necessary to enhance international competitiveness, ready to meet the needs of the future labor market. Study in Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand are more favorable policy can help you achieve your goals.

For members of the TPP, dominant since joining the pact would tilt the state has the background of Science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) developed. Scope of application of STEM huge industry, with over 400 programs to be classified in this sector such as Information Technology, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Environmental Studies, Statistics , Drama ... (more info at

Therefore, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the policies to attract talents in this field. Specifically as follows:

Students can participate in the internship program is not mandatory (OPT) of the US in a STEM discipline. This is a program with a 3 year period in order to retain talent in the United States.

Study in Canada do not need to prove income, visa high success rate with Canada Express Study program (CES); graduates can stay up to 3 years working in all provinces and states.

Study SSVF Australia visa policy makes simpler visa approval and equality for the consideration of visa each level. Graduates in Australia can stay working 2-4 years.

Studying New Zealand visa approval policies online helps students easily filing, notice faster results. Doctoral program tuition NZD per year only from 5500-7000. In addition, graduate students have the opportunity to work is not limited study time and vacation, was working one year after completing the course.

Although not a member of the TPP, but Britain has long float reputation as the place to focus on developing the technical field. If selected according to engineering or technology in the UK, you will have the opportunity to participate in many exciting projects on the environment, such as wireless technology, installing solar panels, electrical machinery research and electrical components - electronics, integrated control system and ...