What Are The Advantages Of An Erp Program With Virtual Assistant?

The most attractive business management software are those whose usability is more similar to the applications we all use in our private lives. In this post we review the advantages of an ERP program with virtual assistant.

When it comes to choosing the best ERP, questions related to its ease of use are becoming more and more decisive, since this generates greater speed when performing tasks and, therefore, an increase in user productivity.

It is well known that the success in the implementation of an ERP solution depends to a great extent on the level of acceptance it has among users. Their complicity and satisfaction is necessary for it to demonstrate its benefits in the management of business processes.

The best ERP software is configured by modules that cover the needs of the different areas of the company. This means that they will be used by users with all types of profiles. That is why it is so important that an ERP program includes a virtual assistant that accompanies users continuously, helping them both to better use its functionalities and to simplify their tasks.


Leading ERP manufacturers are aware of this. This is the case of Sage, which includes in its ERP solution Sage 200 Advanced a virtual assistant that proactively helps users. Alisio is the Sage 200 Advanced assistant and offers its services through notifications, warnings and alerts, news and recommendations, contextualized help and an intelligent search engine.

The Sage 200 Advanced interface incorporates in its top bar an access to Alisio from which each of the mentioned services can be configured, starting by activating them or not. Aspects such as their display are determined, either in pop-up mode or on the Alisio screen itself; it is also possible to decide on refresh times, frequencies, etc. Each user can customize it according to his or her taste and needs.

The incorporation of a virtual assistant is very practical for the start-up of the ERP program. It guides in initial issues such as the creation of the company's basic data, the assignment of the modules to be used, the creation and configuration of users, the import of existing data in the case of a new company, etc. From the wizard you can access the Company Maintenance option where all the configuration aspects of an organization are centralized.

In the case of the Sage 200 Advanced solution, Excel templates are also offered that simplify the start of the activity in the program without the need for technical knowledge, as well as a functionality called Operational Maps, which are flowcharts that provide new users with a clear view of the work processes implemented in the program. And they act as a quick access to the functionalities of each module.


Let's go into more detail on some of the capabilities mentioned above to better understand the benefits of a virtual assistant in an ERP and specifically in Alisio.

To begin with, it should be noted that all notifications launched by Alisio can be configured in pop-up or floating screen mode. Clicking on them provides detailed access to the information. These ads can be ignored or closed.

These notifications may be notices that are generated within the same record to which you want to draw attention. These notifications function as an internal communication system within the ERP. This means that when the recipient receives the notification, in addition to reading and replying to it, they can navigate directly to the record they are being informed about, regardless of the module they are in, with a simple click.

On the other hand, the alert system included in Alisio has functionalities to configure them through rules so that when certain events occur, an automatic notification is generated for those users who have requested it. In this way, they can be informed in real time of multiple issues, such as the registration of a new customer, the existence of a purchase offer or a pending order.

The ERP solution includes by default some generic alerts to which it is possible to subscribe, but with the Sage 200 Advanced alert editor, each company can define new rules or modify existing ones.


Alisio the virtual assistant in Sage 200 Advanced ERP provides proactive intelligence. It learns how users work and proposes performance improvements. For example, it can suggest the use of certain functionalities when it detects that the user performs repetitive or manual actions in order to automate them.

Another advantage is the contextualized help offered by Alisio on each screen of the ERP program. That is, if the user is, for example, in the purchasing module, Alisio will show help content related to the purchasing functionalities.

It also incorporates a powerful intelligent search engine in the ERP that allows users to search for information from any module (customers, invoices, orders, etc.) from a single point and view the results there, navigating directly to the corresponding screen with a single click.


Day-to-day business management is very complex, even with the support of a business solution such as an ERP. For this reason, another of the advantages of the Sage 200 Advanced assistant is the possibility, if configured, of receiving notifications with information selected by Sage that is of special interest to each company's business. This is the case of legal news that Sage's legal department will send as a notification. Recommendations are also provided to optimize the use of ERP functionalities.

In addition, the Sage Contigo service can be activated to access free resources, the latest updates and contact with technical experts.

As we can see, having a virtual assistant to accompany the user in the use of Sage 200 Advanced ERP is a great advantage. But complex customization and adaptation of the ERP can only be achieved with the professional services of a company specialized in Sage as Orbit Consulting Group, with more than 27 years of experience in updating technology for SMEs in multiple sectors. Ask us how to advance the digitization of your company!